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Some of the discussions yesterday were about money-making applications, but now we will discuss the 2021 money-making game called Game Bigbang Pongs.

Where lately this game has been talked about a lot by smart phone users because only by playing games can we get some money.

But you can’t immediately believe that only this game is proven to pay off before you read this article to the end.

Because we are here to provide you with information about this application which can certainly help you in knowing whether this application is safe for you to play or not.

And no need to linger any longer, let’s just jump right into the discussion, check it out!

Bigbang Pongs Game Review

The Bigbang Pongs game is one of the FUND balance generating games that many people are looking for at the moment. In addition, this game promises its users will get a very easy and very large income.

Where this game is different from other money-making games. In this game, you just have to play soccer and you can earn some money. And this game will not give you any trouble.

How to play it yourself, you just click on the balls then you can get a certain amount of FUND balance. And that balance you can withdraw to your DANA or paypal account.

So the more you click on the ball, the more income you will generate.

How to Play Bigbang Pongs Game Game

How to play this game is quite easy. Where the display of this game is in the form of a collection of balls.

The way to get a lot of points is that you have to click on the part of the ball that has the same color. The more balls you click or get, the more PayPal balance you can collect. Surely this one game system is very easy to understand, right guys.

In addition to playing the main game, you can also add balance through bonus spin games. At the top right you will find a spin icon. Click the icon then wait for the spin to stop spinning.

If you have got enough balance, you can exchange the coins for some cash using paypal.

So before you play this game you are required to have an account and also a PayPal application in order to withdraw the balance that you have collected.

Is this Game Proven to Pay?

From the research we’ve done and some of the information we’ve got that playing this game is just a waste of time.

The reason is that there are no testimonials from users who have successfully withdrawn balances from this application.

But, it’s okay if you still want to try it, because this game is safe, guys, from malware and other viruses.