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Recently, the WA Chagiya Tiktok notification is going viral, where this ringtone is very much sought after by K-POPers. Because these ringtones have cute and very funny sounds. If you want to use it, you can download it from this site.

Because now trending song ringtones using funny or adorable sounds make many people join in.

That’s why they try to find the ringtone either through social media or looking for it on google.

That’s why we created this article to help you all find the ringtone you’re looking for.

So that you no longer bother looking here and there to look for it. But before that, we will first discuss the Chagiya Tiktok Notification, for the description itself, you can see it below, guys.

Short Review of Notif WA Chagiya Tiktok

This song was originally famous in the tiktok application because the users themselves have creative ideas, so this song is used as a whatsapp notification.

That’s why so many people want to have a ringtone like that too. Apart from being a WhatsApp notification, you can also use this ringtone as an alarm or telephone ringtone.

Surely this will create a unique impression on your ringtone. While the word chagiya itself is words or affectionate calls in Korean.

Because in Indonesia itself there are a lot of fans of Korean artists, so this song went viral very quickly and those who use it are also everywhere.

For example, yesterday McDonald’s released the latest package, BTS Meal, in collaboration with one of Korea’s famous boy bands, BTS, which was selling well.

All MCDs throughout Indonesia are filled with online motorcycle taxis waiting in line to order this BTS Meal.

So for those of you who really love Korea, you must try using this ringtone, you will immediately be addicted to using it.

Before you download the ringtone, it’s a good idea to know how to change the ringtone in WA. You can see the steps below, guys.

How to Change Whatsapp Ringtones

Below we have provided a very easy way to change the ringtone on Whatsapp, and here are the ways:

  • First, open the “Whatsapp” application, and click the “Three Dot” symbol in the upper right corner.
  • When you click it, several menus appear, just select “Settings”.
  • Then click “Notifications”.
  • And finally you click “Notification Tones” and look for the ringtone you want to use.