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In the past year, Indonesia has been very shocked by several money-making applications, one of which is an application called Cameto Apk which makes many smart phone users want to play it.

But not a few people doubt whether this application really pays or not. Therefore, we are here to try to explain it to all of you.

But before you know the truth of this application, you have to look at some of the information we have provided in this article.

It aims to help you in playing the application later. For the first discussion, we will review this application first, where for an explanation you can see below.

Cameto Money Making App Review

The lure of users being able to earn online income with just an application is one of the tricks that are widely used to attract users’ interest.

So it’s not uncommon for people who have made a deposit to be able to open VIP access which aims to get much bigger results.

But in the end they were deceived, and the money that had been collected in the application was not paid by the developer. That’s why many people don’t trust apps like this a bit

And Cameto itself is one of the money-making applications that assigns work to several missions contained in this application.

As for this mission, it is related to several social media applications, such as following an IG account, liking someone’s post on Instagram, or subscribing to a Youtube channel.

Meanwhile, to get more missions, then you have to upgrade your account. To upgrade your own account, you have to pay an alias deposit first.

That is what invites suspicion from its users, because they are afraid that the money they deposit will be lost in vain.

You have lost time, lost money, and lost money. While the developer will be rich, it’s very annoying isn’t it? Now for the next discussion you will find out how this application works.

How the Cameto App Works

After we did research to make money in this application we were required to deposit first.

This deposit is intended to open a mission to earn money, but from here we also assume that this application is not safe or can harm users.

But here we continue to dig up information about this application, so in this application there are 4 levels of membership where the higher our membership level, the greater the results.

To level up ourselves, we have to spend at least 600,000 rupiah. In addition to using the paid method, you can also play it for free.

Where every mission you complete will be rewarded for 3,600 rupiah. So you have to be patient in playing the free mode.

At least it will take some time to collect the money so that it can be withdrawn. But if we think using logic by liking other people’s posts we can get 3,600 money then who pays us that much just for one like.

Isn’t that a suspicion, isn’t it? If it’s true that the developer will pay for it, can’t that make them lose? So why do they make applications just to go bankrupt?

A big question isn’t it? But here we have important information where to withdraw the balance that we have collected we have to top up 600 thousand first, guys, then we can withdraw the money.

Wow, that’s an astonishing fact, isn’t it? so from here we have assumed that this application will most likely cheat.