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For those of you who like playing the higgs domino slot game, you must already know about the x8 sandbox apk application, because this application can speed up the game so you don’t have to wait long.

In some applications, this x8 sandbox apk is very important and very useful especially in the higgs domino slot game. So you can improve the game based on the performance of the phone.

What’s even more interesting is that you can use this application on all types of phones with low specifications and without having to root first, so that its use does not damage the Android system.

In addition, you can use the X8 Sandbox apk for free without having to pay anything. For that, if you are interested in this application, you can read more reviews about X8 Sandbox apk without ads.

X8 Sandbox Apk Review

X8 Sandbox apk is an application that can be used to speed up a game without rooting android.

If you use the application, the appearance of the cellphone you have will be like a new cellphone.

The system and workings of this x8 sandbox application are the same as the android devices that you usually use, the difference is the functions and features available.

You also have to know in advance the main purpose of using the application, usually gamers also use this application with the aim when playing games, not feeling lag or broken.

It doesn’t stop there, because in this application there are also many features that you can use. For that, let’s look at the next discussion about the X8 Sandbox no root feature below.

Features of X8 Sandbox Higgs Domino

Each application certainly has different features and uses, as is the case with this X8 Sanbox application, when using it you will get several excellent features such as.

Setting Specifications

You can easily set custom specifications on the X8 Sandbox, but the specifications of the cellphone used must have large enough specifications.

The Android used must have a minimum of 3GB of RAM and a minimum of 2GB of internal memory. You also need to know that to do this custom specification can’t be used on some types of android

No Ads

The next advantage is that there are no ads that are displayed when playing games. So this application is very convenient to use, and is perfect for any type of game that you want to speed up.

Speed ​​Booster

As you already know, the main function of this application is to speed up the game speed. For those of you who have difficulty controlling the speed, you can take advantage of this application.


Multibox is a feature that you can use to add multiple rooms at once. You can add up to 5 rooms at once easily in one android system.

Interface Display

The home page of this application is also very simple and very easy for every user to understand. So if there are new users who use this application, they will not be confused about its operation.

Very Light APK

Sandbox Pro apk is also a very light application. If you have a mobile device with low specifications, surely you will not have difficulty using it.

Installing New Apps

You can install all kinds of game applications and use other additional applications, these additional applications such as Game Guardian and parallel space.