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Recently, Atrasis Free Fire is being talked about a lot by FF players because we will get a private server and also get unlimited diamonds and coins.

Because it has features that are so sophisticated, we can easily create a sultan account that has cool bundles and weapon skins.

You can also get a free FF account with FB login in the previous discussion, if you don’t want to bother playing the game from the start.

By using a sultan account, you can easily make your opponent’s mentality down and it’s easy to win the game.

In addition, having a sultan account can also improve our playing skills, because during the battle our PD to defeat the enemy will increase.

So there are a lot of benefits if we have an FF Sultan account, for those of you who want to get this application, you can continue to follow this discussion until it ends.

Because in this discussion, we will talk in full about information about free fire diamond atrasis.

FF Diamond Atrasis Application Review

Atrasis is one of the third-party applications that can help players get some premium items in the Garena Free Fire game. Like diamonds, skins, bundles, characters, and other items.

Uniquely, by using this application we can use all the desired items for free.

In addition, the advantage of using Atrasis is that you can use it for free without having to top up first. Overall, the purpose of Atrasis was to provide a private server for online games for its users.

Where the players will get all access along with premium items like in the original game. So this is the most effective way to try using the pro player bundle for free.

Features in the Atrasis FF Unlimited DM Application

Because every third-party application has more advantages than the original application, it is the same as this FF diamond hack application. Where the features are as follows:

  • Can Report When Found a Bug

When the update is complete and you are playing, you will most likely find a bug that occurs, be it a profitable bug or a bug that harms the player.

So every time you find a bug in the game, you can report it to the developer. If your report is reviewed and it turns out to be correct, you will be rewarded in the form of a number of free diamonds.

  • Unlimited Diamonds

This one feature is one of the excellent features in this application, where the number of diamonds you will receive will have no limit.

This allows you to buy whatever you want. Or do a spin diamond rolaye, incubator, and so on using the diamond.

Or you can also use this diamond to buy weapon skin boxes, ranging from ordinary to extraordinary weapon skins.

  • Fighting Real Enemies

Even though this application is a third-party application, you will not fight bots or computers. So still you will meet and play together with original players, so it’s the same as the original application.

  • There is an Active Guild

Likewise with the third feature where in this application you will find several active guilds and their contents are also original player servers.

So even if you use a third-party application you can have a guild whose contents may be your friends or relatives.

With this application that has features like the above, it is something that is rarely found. Because we know that only other third party apps will not have features like this app.

That’s why there are so many survivors who want to get this application, because it is very profitable to use it. And our account will be safe from the threat of being banned.

But before you download the application, it’s a good idea to listen to the tutorial on installing the diamond hack application so that it can run smoothly on your cellphone. Where you can see the tutorial in the following explanation.