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Free Fire Rampage Apk – Battle Royale Game is the most played game by all people in the world at this time. Whether it’s played using a computer (PC) or a smartphone (mobile), it must have fairly high specifications.

So that when playing the Battle Royale or Battleground Game, you will not experience annoying Lag or Frame Drops. In the Battle Royale or Battleground Game, there must be various types of weapons, such as HG, SMG, SG, AR, SR, MG, and Explosive Gun.

In addition, there are usually various kinds of Characters, Clothing, War Equipment, Vehicles, Emoticons, and Stickers.

And from the various types of Weapons and Items above, have a Skin that serves to improve the Weapons and Items.

However, to get a variety of Weapon Skins and Items, you must have enough Diamonds as a means of payment.

There are lots of Battle Royale or Battleground games that you can play, one of which is the Garena Game: Free Fire Rampage.

Therefore, for those of you who like to play Battle Royale games, we have provided a download link for the Free Fire Rampage Game for free.

Free Fire Rampage Apk Review

Free Fire Rampage is the Latest Version of Game Garena: Free Fire developed by 111Dots Studio.

And in the Latest Update of the Free Fire Rampage Game, there are several new Characters, Weapons, Bundles, Items, and Elite Passes, which are as follows:

  • Vermilion Whirlwind Event

In this Game Version of Garena: Free Fire Rampage, the Developer issued a new event called Vermilion Whirlwind.

In this Vermilion Whirlwind Event there are various kinds of extraordinary prizes, such as Weapon Skins, Bundles, Vehicles, and other Items.

You can get various kinds of Prizes above for free, or buy them using Diamond.

  • Elite Pass Season 32

Meanwhile, the Developers also issued the latest Elite Pass, namely Guns For Here Season 32, which you can buy using Diamond.

In the Elite Pass Season 32 above, there are various kinds of Weapon Skins, Bundles, Parachutes, Bags, and many more.

In addition, in Season 32, a new Sub Machine Gun has also been released, namely the Mini Uzi, which is suitable for 1 on 1 at close range.

  • Characters With New Skills

In addition to releasing the latest Sub Machine Gun Type Weapon, namely Mini Uzi, Garena’s party has also issued a new character named D Bee.

D Bee is a Street Beat who has 13% Moving Speed ​​Skill and 28% Accuracy when shooting while walking.

So that by using this D Bee character you can avoid all enemy attacks, and respond with fast attacks.

  • New Character Bundle

And the Garena Game: Free Fire Rampage releases the most special Bundle than the previous Bundles, namely On Whirlwind.

You can get this Bundle On Whirlwind through the Vermilion Whirlwind Event which can be obtained for free or purchased using Diamond.

So that with this latest Bundle it can lower the mentality of the Enemies, when they meet you in the match.