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WhatsApp Aero is an application from WA Mod or WhatsApp Mod which is quite new because this WA Mod was born in 2021. WA Aero itself has various features like other WA Mods. Generally, there are several features that are their superior in order to attract the public’s interest to use this WhatsApp Mod.

WhatsApp Aero was developed under the hands of Bozkurt Hazarr and assisted by Fouad Mods, the developer of FMWhatsApp. Although it can be classified as new. WhatsApp Aero makes updates to the application quite often so that it can fix any bugs that exist and improve the quality of its features.

Another advantage that WhatsApp has is the user interface or interface that is quite modern and elegant. The performance of this APK is not inferior to its predecessors. That is the reason why WhatsApp Aero is highly recommended by Berjuang.my.id for all of you.

This application can be a good alternative as a substitute for the official WhatsApp application because of the superior features it has. We also know that the original WA or official WA really lacks a variety of features, which is an added value by technology developers to develop a much better and more diverse WhatsApp with the help of existing features.

WhatsApp Aero can be said to be a superior product that rarely experiences problems or bugs. Not only that, it turns out that WhatsApp Aero also has a display that you can modify yourself so that your eyes don’t feel bored because of the monotonous appearance.

WhatsApp Mod features

To increase your sense of confidence so that you can switch to WhatsApp Aero, then you must read the features that this WhatsApp Mod has. Here’s the summary.

  1. Anti Banned and also Anti Block

It can be said that this one feature is very important and vital. This feature comes with the aim of ensuring that users of the WA Aero application feel safe without fear of being blocked. In addition, in fact, the developer of this APK is always making updates to overcome various bugs and also following updates that occur on official WhatsApp.

  1. Privacy Settings

WA Aero presents a privacy feature that is a selling point for the public. You can hide the double tick status, blue tick, and of course you can hide the online status. When you want to copy a message, you can also hide the date on the message automatically.

  1. Able to Lock Chat

You can also secure a chat from someone you don’t want to show the chat with with this feature. This feature has the main function of hiding chat from someone without having to use help from 3rd party applications.

  1. Transferring Data

For those of you who have so much important data in the official WhatsApp application and want to switch to WhatsApp Aero, this feature is really needed. This feature has a role to help you quickly backup or restore data.

  1. Anti Delete Message

Sometimes we are very curious about someone’s chat that was sent to us but deleted. We haven’t read it yet, the chat is gone, curiosity continues to flare up and this makes us uncomfortable. Mimin also often experiences this problem. So, to solve this problem, you can take advantage of the anti-delete message feature that WhatsApp Aero has. With this feature, you can read deleted chats. So delicious!

  1. Stickers and Themes

Even though you already have a very cool and attractive appearance, in fact you can also change that appearance with other themes according to your taste available on WhatsApp Aero. Apart from that, you can also use cute and cool sticker packs in this application.

Actually, there are many more features that this APK has. But it will take a lot of time if we continue to explore the features this application has. It’s good if you immediately feel the sensation of the features that this APK has directly.

Is Whastapp Mod Safe?

Regardless of the claim that Whatsapp Aero is anti-banned from the developer, there is still the risk of being banned from a WA account. After all, this is a modified version of the official whatsapp.

So, before you install this Aero WA version, make sure you understand the risks that can occur.

We prefer to use the modified wa version for your second number only, not for important numbers.