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GTA san Andreas Lite Original is an Android game that is arguably light and offers an interesting and challenging game. GTA is one of the most popular Android games because it is a large open world game with lots of interesting things, makes you curious and there are challenging missions.

GTA SA Lite Android Original is a lite / light version of GTA SA Android, which the lite version is lighter and also smaller in size. But who would have thought that it turned out to be the same as the regular version of GTA SA

However, this lite version has some differences. this is due to the deletion of various files such as radios, transitions, etc. which are deemed unimportant

GTA SA Lite Android Original is very good for those of you who may be potato cell owners who want to find a game with a very pleasant experience.

Now, this time, I want to share with you the Download Link for GTA SA Lite Original, the original one. not the modified one. So this is perfect for those of you who miss the atmosphere of GTA SA Original

GTA SA Lite features

of course this exciting game has lots of features. Yes, there are several differences between the features in GTA SA Lite and GTA SA Original. But this is only in the graphic section and a few other less important things

And in essence, you can feel the features in GTA SA Original in GTA SA Lite Android. So what are the features in this GTA SA Lite Android Original?

  1. Optimized Graphics

Of course, if maybe you have a potato cellphone and are playing the Original version of GTA SA, then what happens is definitely a lag in GTA SA, right?

However, it is different from GTA SA Android lite, because this game undergoes graphic changes / adjustments to make it more compatible to be played on low-spec cellphones.

Although the graphics quality is not as good as GTA SA Original, this lite version has improved light, color and character models. So if you want GTA SA Lite with better graphic quality, I’ll share the download link later

  1. Various kinds of vehicles

GTA SA Lite Original has a total of at least 221 kinds of vehicles. Which is more than the previous version of GTA. You can drive sedans, motorbikes, trash cars, airplanes, trailers etc. Well here there are special vehicles for certain missions too, so you need the right choice

  1. Various Accessories and Weapons

whose name is the original GTA SA Lite, of course, has a myriad of weapons that are ready for you to use for missions or have fun. This makes the main character more flexible in customization

You can also do customization by changing clothes, buying clothes, buying accessories, jewelry, tattoos and the most legendary is the barber who can make a bald head frizzy in an instant

  1. Support multiple controllers

Besides being able to play with the touchscreen, there are at least 3 other controller options that are ready to be used to accompany you to play the original GTA SA Lite to make it even more exciting. This game is compatible with the MoGa wireless controller, Bluetooth gamepad and USB gamepad

  1. Support many languages

If you don’t speak Indonesian, take it easy, because here you can choose various types of languages ​​to play GTA SA Lite Android. These languages ​​include English, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, French and Russian

How to Install GTA SA Lite

how to install the original GTA SA lite

  • Download GTA at the link above
    download one according to your GPU type
  • Extract the downloaded file
    to extract it, you can use the Zarchiver application, please download Zarchiver, then extract the file earlier
  • Install the GTA SA Lite apk
    install like you install other applications
  • Move data
    move the com.rockstargames.gtasa folder to Android >> Data >> (paste here)
  • Ready to play
    Now you just have to play GTA SA Lite. and feel the original gta feel

So how about it, it’s exciting to play the original version, right? but if you want to play the mod version, you can read the articles below.