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In a free fire game that is currently on the rise and lots of people use it, the various methods and tricks that are being sought by battleground game players are very exciting and share the latest bundle features that are very interesting for you to use. One of the most important bundles for friends to use is the FF Skin.

Various kinds of skins such as clothes, weapons, parachutes and many others, so for a friend to get this skin, you must have enough diamonds so that you can buy one of the skins you like. Because in this free fire game, if you play having such a cool skin it becomes a matter of pride for all of you.

Now for those of you who don’t currently have any skins in your ff game, friends, don’t worry, because in this article, we will provide a pro application skin tool apk that you can get. By using this free fire apk skin tool, you will easily get and have the skin you want for free.

Surely all friends can’t wait to be able to get the ff skin tool application. If friends are impatient, you can just take a look at the articles and reviews about the Free Fire Skin Tool 2021 which we will provide for you about the contents and the complete tutorial below.

About the Free Fire Skin Tool

Geme Firee Fire is one of the best battleground games or we can call it a very exciting war game, crowded for us to play. Not only is it fun and the best for us to play, but this FF Game is also very easy for us to play, so it’s not strange if there are a lot of game users, from children under 17 years old to adults.

But if you like and have a hobby with this free fire game, surely you will not be proud and not confident, if you don’t have the cool and latest skin bundle that other people or your friends have. Playing with skin and not using skin is very influential in terms of damage, so if you play with skin, it will add a little damage to your opponent.

Not only the additional damage you have if you play with skins, using skins is very influential for our self-confidence and pride. So if friends in the game are already using the latest skins, friends can be said to be pro plyer FF or sultan by enemies in friends’ free fire games.

Well, for friends who don’t have the latest skin now, you can definitely get the new skin you want. As long as friends continue to watch the review that we will give about the FF Pro Skin Tool until it’s finished, because in this review we want to share a tutorial so you can get the free skin you want with the discussion below.

How to use the FF Skin Tool

After you know how to install / install the application which is very easy for you to do, but surely there are friends who don’t know how to use it, right? Now for those of you who want to immediately how to use it, you can see the steps and tutorials below.

  • The first step if you have downloaded and installed the ff pro skin tool application that the admin has provided above, you can immediately read the second step, but if you haven’t downloaded and installed the apk, you can download it first at the admin link. gave above.
  • Continue for how to use it, you can open the application first.
  • Then if the application is open, you can press the Line Icon 3 in the upper left corner.
  • After you select line 3 and enter the line 3 menu, you can click / select Skin List.
  • Then you enter the Skin Tool and you can choose the skin you want, such as custom skins, weapon skins, and other skins, you can choose there as you like and want.
  • Then the bundle will appear, then you can also select the bundle that you want.
  • If you already have a basic bundle and a bundle that you would love to try.
  • So you can take it and try to exchange it with cheap bundles or expensive bundles as you like.
  • You can continue, friend, press Activate.
  • Later you will be directed to enter mediafire, then you can download it by clicking the down arrow button.
  • Then there will be a notification for friends, then you can press No or Yes as you like.
  • If you press Yes then you have to wait for the process to finish, and you can enter your free fire game, then you can get the ff skin bundle you want.
  • Done, good luck.